Thursday, 14 June 2018

Missing Person!

Missing Person!

Have you seen this 16 year old boy? His name
is Mike Paul. He has black hair and blue eyes.
His skin color is peach. His height is 2 meters.
He is very handsome. He was last seen in his car
garage. He was last seen wearing a black shirt,
gucci jacket, blue jeans and yeezys. He has a
small birthmark on his elbow. His hair is short
and he has a bit of blue in it. He also has a 8
ball tattoo on his left wrist. The tattoo would be
about 3 cm. He also really likes chocolate. So
you might find him at pak n save getting chocolate.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Why we should have Skateboarding again at school

Dear, Mrs Davies-Crooks and Mrs Richardson I believe that skateboarding is a sport for most people that don’t do competitive sport. in my opinion skateboarding is good for you because it encourages you to be active and ride on one. Firstly, I am shocked that most schools don’t have skateboarding, But Why? One good thing is that skateboarding is a type of transport, so if you know skateboarding you can use it as transport. many people think skateboarding is hard but actually after a few lessons you have the hang of it!

 Sometimes, the skateboarding instructors bring ramps that you can go up and down on. The school must bring back skateboarding because it is very entertaining for kids. Anyways skateboards are really cheap so you could just go to your local warehouse and buy a wooden one for Just $15 Dollars

Overall, everybody really liked skateboarding and i think we should bring it back because it encouraged people to come to school and stop watching YouTube and Netflix. Believe me when skateboarding left it really changed this school now people aren't really motivated. I guarantee you that most of the children would want to come to school because they would want to do skateboarding

 Yours Sincerely, Anish

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


South Korea

126 Million
1.38 Billion
1.34 Billion
260 Million
50 Million

Katakana and kanji
Hindi and english

Red circle on a white background.

star with four smaller stars in a semicircle
Image result for china flag
colours saffron, white and green, with a blue circle in the middle
Image result for india flag
The flag is red and white
Image result for indonesia flag
It has a red white and blue flag
Image result for south korea flag

Hello - konnichiwa
Good bye - sayonara
Hello - Nıhao
Goodbye - Zaijian
Hello - Namastē
Goodbye - Namaskār
Hello - Halo
Goodbye - Sampai jumpa
Hello - Annyeong haseyo
Goodbye - Annyeonghi gyeseyo

One - ichi
Two - ni
Three - san
Four - shi yon
One - yi
Two - er
There - san
Four - si
One - ek
Two - do
Three - tin
Four - char
One - satu
Two - dua
Three - tiga
Four - empat
One - hana
Two - dul
Three - set
Four - net
Big Mac Index NZ = $6


Wednesday, 14 February 2018

My Fiji Key chain

I remember when it was my last day at the tropical island and I saw a cool keychain  at the gift shop. I bought it and till now it is still makes me feel like I am in Fiji.

Fiji is a small island located near Australia. It is very tropical and nice.
Fiji is a very popular place for vacations. Fiji is known for its tropical islands and its hot scorching weather. My friends always said go to Fiji and when I went, I knew what they were saying about going to Fiji.

In July last year I went to Fiji when it was winter. We went when it was winter because in winter over there is 40℃.  So imagine how hot it will be in summer!